St. Bryce Missions, serving in the overseas mission fields exists to fulfill Christ’s call to bring the Gospel message to the ends of the earth and put the virtues of faith, hope and love into action. St Bryce Missions is a Catholic 501c3 not for profit organization working in Church related activities in the areas of evangelization, food sustainability, job creation, maternal and infant health care, health and education.

Faith in Action

Evangelization outreach and building needed church infrastructure for the poorest communities through chapel construction or renovation for community worship. Evangelization and Chapel Building Projects

Hope in Action

Meeting the poor community’s most pressing physical needs by investing in their long-term well-being and working to improve the outlook for their future. Food for Families and Mercy Goods Micro Enterprise. 

Love in Action

Developing programs for the poor that will address the needs of the community regarding medical care, education and local leadership empowerment. The St. Francis Emmaus Pregnancy Hostel